What is recoverable depreciation on a New Orleans roof claim

After you make a roof claim in New Orleans the insurance company claim rep will provide you an estimate to replace your roof and the company will issue a check

But the claims check will not be for the full amount to replace your roof

It will have an amount that is deducted from the estimate

This is depreciation based on the age of your roof

Your first check will include a deduction for depreciation

It is ok to deposit your first claim check


This does not close your claim or prevent you from recovering the full amount to replace your roof

The second check you receive is called recoverable depreciation

In order to get the second check you must show the insurance company you replaced your roof

You can send photos and an invoice to your insurance company claim rep and they will issue the remaining amount needed to get your roof replaced

You must have Replacement Cost on your policy to receive the second claim check

Some insurance companies do write new homeowners insurance policies and place an ACV (actual cash value) endorsement on the policy

So check with the best insurance broker to determine if your have a replacement cost policy

If you have an ACV endorsement your roof claim check will be based on depreciation calculated on the age of your roof

The older your roof the more the insurance company will deduct from your claim check and you will not be eligible for the second check which is recoverable depreciation


Not all insurance companies will pay for roof replacement after a hurricane

Some only pay for repair or replacement of missing shingles

If you need to find an insurance companies that pays for roof replacement at FM Agency Group we work with over 20 insurance companies as the best insurance broker in New Orleans and we can let you know which companies responded the fastest and paid for roof replacement after a hurricane

Not all insurance companies are the same

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