What is your Hurricane or Wind Deductible?

The homeowners insurance deductible is not the amount you pay but the amount the insurance company deducts from the claim check.



If you have a % deductible such as 2% hurricane deductible the insurance company will deduct 2% of the insured dwelling amount from the claim check

Example you have a 250,000 home with a 2% Hurricane Deductible

250,000 x 2% = $5,000

Your insurance company would deduct $5,000 for any hurricane related damage claim check

You would be responsible for the first $5,000 of damage to your home

If your hurricane damage estimate is below $5,000 you would not receive a claim check for damages from your insurance company until your damages exceed $5,000

The Hurricane deductible only applies to a Hurricane damage related claim

Tropical storms would not apply



Would apply only if the wind damage is from a storm with a name including Tropical storms and Hurricanes 



Your wind or hail deductible would apply the same way as above but it would apply to any and all wind claims including Tropical storms and Hurricanes

Any wind damage regardless if the damage is from a Named Storm your wind deductible would apply