When to buy accident forgiveness?

Accident Forgiveness is an additional coverage offered by Car insurance companies


It is only offered to drivers with no accidents

Accident Forgiveness is allowing you to purchase additional insurance that will prevent the car insurance company from raising your rate after your first at fault accident

The insurance company will remove accident forgiveness if you get into your second at fault accident and then charge your policy with 2 at fault accidents

When that happens its time to actively shop every car insurance for the best rate with two at fault accidents


What is the cost of Accident Forgiveness?

As low as $50 every 6 months


Not sure if accident forgiveness is worth it?

If you do nothing and don’t purchase accident forgiveness and you have your first at fault accident

your current insurance company will raise your rate as high as twice what you currently pay


So you are thinking I will just shop it with another insurance company

Insurance companies share your claim history with each other in a CLUE report

Your driving record stays with you for three years

Each new quote with another company would be rated with an at fault accident

When is the best time to buy Accident Forgiveness?

When you have a clean driving record

Accident Forgiveness is basically buying insurance to protect your rate from an increase due to an at fault accident


Here is an example of the cost of Accident Forgiveness vs Insurance with one at fault accident over 3 years (time needed for accident to fall off your driving record)



Current 6 month rate is $982

with Accident Forgiveness $1032

$1032 x 6 terms (3 years) = $6,192



6 month rate with an At fault accident is $1,473 (50% surcharge for accident)

$1,473 x 6 terms (3 years) = $8,838


💲💲Additional $2,646 over 3 years with an at fault accident


Which insurance companies offer Accident Forgiveness?

Most insurance companies offer accident forgiveness to good drivers

But most do not

Some companies offer it but you need to wait 3 years before it goes into effect and you need to pay for it for 3 years

But one company, National General, offers instant accident forgiveness as low as $50 every 6 months


If you are currently a good driver with no accidents now is the time to lock in your good driving record and prevent a 100% increase on your current rate if you have an accident

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