Where can I find the best homeowners insurance?

Finding the best homeowners insurance in New Orleans has never been easy.

Companies enter the insurance market with low rates only to follow up their renewal with a rate increase.

Some home owners feel like they have to shop their homeowners insurance every year to maintain an affordable home insurance rate.

The good news is we have more homeowners insurance companies wanting to write home insurance in South Louisiana today than we did before Hurricane Katrina.


Home insurance companies in Louisiana determine their rates based on your zip code

If you live in Kenner, La 70065 you will pay a different rate than if you live in New Orleans, La 70124 and you have the same exact house

with the same underwriting factors that affect the rate such as

  • Year built
  • Type of roof
  • Construction type
  • Credit Score
  • Claim history
  • Replacement Cost
  • Discounts such as monitored burglar and fire alarm
  • Year of updates to plumbing, roof, electrical and heating air conditioning


So what can I do to find the best homeowners insurance company? 


1.  Ask your friends, family or neighbors about their homeowners insurance.

If you know, like and trust someone is usually the greatest referral or source of information you can get.  

The best information is after they have had a claim

Insurance can be at a great rate but if the claim process is bad the policy is not worth the price you paid


2.  Find a Local Independent Insurance Agent in your community.

Independent Agents usually represent more than one company and know who is the most competitive in your zip code.

They should not have an allegiance to any one company so they should be able to provide you with an unbiased opinion and best option for you.

Multiple companies are now writing complete policies that include wind in South Louisiana


3.  Determine the length of time the insurance company has been writing in your area.

A recent trend when new companies start writing in New Orleans is they offer low introductory rates only to follow up the renewal with a rate increase.

Their thinking is to gobble up market share and start raising rates and just hope you don’t notice the rate increases.  

It is important you go with a company that has stabilized their rates and are not subject to large rate swings when you make no claims.

A good rule of thumb is at least 3 years writing new policies in your zip code


4.  Battle Tested during recent claim events.

Most homeowners want the lowest premium and the best coverage but one thing you may not think of is the company’s claim paying ability.

Low rates will prove very frustrating when the company can’t respond to your claim or have difficulty writing checks when you need them.  

If you have found the lowest rate on homeowners insurance, ask if the company has been through a hurricane or hail storm.  

If not, you probably have no idea if the company will still be around if another Katrina type event happens again.


Finding the best home insurance in New Orleans is possible if you just do a little homework on your end and don’t jump on the lowest quote proposal.

There are so many endorsements on a homeowners policy that can alter the rate you pay that you really may not be certain you are getting exactly what you want or need.

When I review a customer’s existing homeowners policy and explain to them what is not covered because the previous agent either left off a few endorsements or purposely reduced coverage to get the premium down, is when you can begin to understand what you are actually getting when you purchase a home insurance policy.

Homeowners insurance policies are not maintenance or home warranty policies.

Insurance policies are designed to protect you during claim events you could not recover from financially on your own.


Financially devastating events are…..

Can you afford to rebuild your house after a fire?

Probably not.

Get a homeowners insurance policy.


Can you afford to rebuild your house after a flood?

Probably not.

Get a Flood Insurance policy.


Can you afford to replace all of your contents after a theft?


Get your contents covered for the value of your property you have inside your house.


What’s this all about?


Finding the best home insurance policy in New Orleans is not about the cheapest price or lowest quote proposal.

You need to understand what is covered and what is not covered and make sure you are getting what you need to properly protect yourself in the event of a claim.

Buying the cheapest car on the lot may help your checking account but if it breaks down on the interstate, the savings will disappear once your roll it into the service department.

My name is Tim D’Angelo and I would like the opportunity to talk to you about your New Orleans area homeowners insurance.

You can call me at 504.348.3131 or complete the home quick form below to get started.