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homeowners insurance

New Home Insurance buying guide

  There are a few mistakes that customers make when shopping for Home insurance. Buying home insurance can be confusing because it is not as simple as just buying the cheapest quote when you are searching for low cost homeowners insurance. As you will read below some insurance agents are not giving you the coverage […]


Louisiana Gun Liability protection policy

Louisiana gun liability and your homeowners policy. Most homeowners in Louisiana believe that if they had to fire their gun, their insurance policy would cover them. Unless you have a stand alone gun liability policy, a personal umbrella policy or a Gun Liability endorsement on your home insurance policy, you may be surprised your standard […]


Best source for insurance advice in New Orleans?

WHERE TO FIND THE BEST INSURANCE ADVICE IN NEW ORLEANS? Years ago it was easy to find the best insurance advice in New Orleans. They had a nice office.  A friendly staff full of smiling faces.  A sign on the front of the building with a logo you recognized from a commercial. You knew to […]

raise your credit score


The majority of insurance companies writing new policies in Southern Louisiana today will use your credit score to determine your premium.   First thought for many is what does my credit score have to do with insurance on my house? The thinking from the big brains behind the curtain at the home office for the […]


4 Tactics insurance companies use to get rid of you.

Historically Insurance companies lose money writing homeowners insurance in Louisiana. Not many companies can afford to be the cheapest option for too long. Sooner or later they will have to take a rate increase. Over the last few years there are some tactics that have become common in an attempt to get rid of customers […]

national general insurance

National General Insurance review Lakeview New Orleans

A review of National General Insurance in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans for homeowners insurance. The New Orleans neighborhood of Lakeview was flooded during Hurricane Katrina after a flood wall was compromised and sent over 6 ft of water in the neighborhood. Most homeowners who had lived there for many years, leveled their house […]

water backup coverage

Homeowners Insurance Water Backup Endorsement

Homeowners Insurance and the water back up endorsement. Not all Louisiana Homeowners Insurance policies cover Water Back Up through sewers, drains or discharges from sump, sump pumps and related equipment.   But my policy covers my house for water damage? There is a difference between Water Back Up, Water Damage and Overflow and your policy […]


Top 10 Restaurants on the Westbank

  A few places to try if on the Westbank for dinner.   10. PHO KIM LOAN New restaurant in a crowded Pho scene.  Heavy on beef pho options so if you are looking for seafood this is not the place. Great Pho and also some vietnamese mixed plate options. 1530 Lapalco blvd Harvey, La […]

roof shingle type comarison

Homeowners insurance discount and architectural roof shingles

We are seeing another homeowners insurance discount appear on new quote proposals in reference to architectural shingles A homeowners insurance policy can have as many as 10 homeowners insurance discounts or credits available but most customers are not taking advantage of the discounts. A new discount available is the type of roof shingle you have […]

golf cart insurance

Is my Golf Cart covered under my Homeowners insurance policy?

Golf Cart insurance protection and your homeowners policy. If you are driving you, your family or friends around in your neighborhood on a golf cart, you may want to make sure you are covered. Accidents even happen to the most careful of homeowners. Does your Homeowners Insurance liability extend to your golf cart? Probably not. Crazy […]

hip roof

Homeowners Insurance: Hip roof vs. Gable roof

  If you are buying a new house or have no idea why your neighbor is paying less than you for homeowners insurance, the simple answer could be something as simple as your roof shape.   What is a Hip roof? It is a roof shape where all sides slope downwards towards the gutter or […]