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Insurance can be complicated and we help you make the right choice to protect what you own

here Is What We Do Best

When your home is your most valuable asset you need to make sure future claims are covered.

Not all insurance companies are the same and not all insurance agents or insurance agencies are the same

We don't want to cut your coverage and remove options to get your rate down and have to apologize later after a claim

Owner occupied, Tenant occupied or short term rental or both we have the Condo Insurance policy you need

Coastal condo insurance is our specialty for owner occupied, rental condo units and short term rentals owned in a personal name or an LLC

All the coverage you need to protect your investment

We have a program for rental property investors that include single family homes to 100 units that include renovation, vacant, short term rental and tenant occupied properties

We can offer one monthly bill and have all your properties on one policy

When you are building a new home or need to renovate a property you need a builders risk policy to make sure claims are covered

The home is vacant and a standard regular home insurance policy is not going to cover any claims of home under renovation

A builders risk protect the home when it is under construction or renovation

Your policy should include Liability and Theft but most policies don't

Lessor Risk, Office buildings, Strip Centers commercial buildings is what we do

Building coverage, Equipment Breakdown, Ordinance or Law, Liability included

Our preferred Commercial property insurance program will give you the protection you need on your commercial property



  • The right insurance company to fit your needs
  • Annual renewal reviews for rate and protection
  • Claims and Coverage advisor when you need it
  • 24/7 Access to your account

We help keep your Homeowners insurance rates low without lowering your coverage or raising your deductible

FM Agency Group is a licensed insurance agency in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama since 2003.

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FM Agency Group are issued in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama through A rated insurance companies.


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