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Not all homes are the same.

Not all homeowners insurance policies should be the same.


We create customized affordable homeowners insurance options for you.


By finding a more competitive home insurance premium


You will

  • Lower your premium
  • Lower your deductible
  • Lower your mortgage


If you have an insurance problem,

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New Orleans Homeowners insurance is what we do.


Many people like you are lowering their insurance premiums.


Discover why your neighbors pay less than you for home insurance.


But first you need to make a few decisions….


1) Determine how much insurance you need


A rule of thumb is take the square feet of your house and multiply it by 100.

This will help you determine the Replacement Cost of your house.

ex) 2750 sq ft house X $100 = $275,000 estimated replacement cost.

This is not the exact formula that will determine the true replacement cost but it will help you get an idea.

The Replacement Cost of your house is the amount it will cost you to completely rebuild your house after a claim so a good residential home builder would be a great person to talk to if you want to know the current cost per square foot based on current cost of building materials.


2) Determine your deductible amount


Deductibles can be as low as $500,  but homeowners insurance is not a maintenance or warranty policy so if you want to continue to keep your home insurance rates low, don’t make small claims.  

You should consider a higher deductible at least to $2500.

The deductible is the amount the insurance company will deduct from your claim check 

so if you can’t afford to have $2500 deducted from a claim check, try a lower deductible.

But remember the higher deductible you choose,  the lower premium you will pay.


3) Determine the value of your contents in your house (personal property)


This is the amount of your personal property you purchased and brought into the house when you moved in.


Hint:  Not all of your personal property is automatically covered under a homeowners policy.

Every homeowners policy has a sublimit or max payout on certain personal property items.

To understand what is limited in coverage,  click here.



What does the homeowners insurance policy actually cover?


To see what the Homeowners Insurance policy covers click here.


Do you offer payment options?


We work with your mortgage company to secure payment for your home insurance policy.

And you don’t have to wait for your current policy to expire.

We will contact your mortgage company and make the transition to a better homeowners policy easy for you.

If you pay the homeowners insurance policy out of pocket, every company we represent offers payment options.

Some companies offer 4 pay or 8 pay plans and some offer 10 pay plans.

We will help you find a pay plan that works for you.


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