FM Agency Group helps their clients solve their insurance problems.

Renewal increase, bad claims experience or just don’t like the company or your agent.


When customers contact FM Agency Group, here are some of the problems we help solve.

“We had a horrible claims experience on our last claim and I just don’t like the company we are with.”

“We have been with the same company for 20 years but after the continued rate increases, its time we had someone else review our insurance…”

“I have not heard from my agent in over 5 years and when I do call it takes a week for a call back.  I need better service”

Lisa 70058

“Great Company, agents get paper work done quickly. They are always on top of things and respond quickly. I’ve been doing business for a couple of years with them and I am very satisfied. They helped me to get my home owners insurance down considerably from what is was. Appreciate the agents at this company. My wonder agent is Tim. Thanks Tim.”

Amanda 70124

“I recently switched my insurance agency to FM Agency Group and I couldn’t be happier. Denise is extremely helpful and has been great through the process. She is always available and can get documents you need to you very fast.”

Ernest 70065

“I have been doing business with FM Agency since 2008, when I started renovating post Katrina, gutted homes and renting them. I have always received first class service. The administrators at FM are attentive and very “user friendly” . As well being sharp folks, they are apparently trained to be strongly knowledgeable in their specialty, whether auto, residential, business, etc. I’ve always been treated as ‘Number One’, when I call or email. I always feel safely insured, knowing they custom fit the right policies for my needs. Thank You, FM Agency.”

Thania 70072

“If you’re looking for an insurance company I recommend FM Agency. They go out of their way to help you get the best rates! I’ve been insured with FM Agency for a long time now. Wonderful company, Glad I switched over to them. Very friendly and professional and will help you in any way possible. I was more than happy with the services from Denise.”

Dorothy 70123

“It’s always a pleasure to call the FM Agency Group. Elizabeth assisted me today and as always a pleasure. She was very professional and courteous. Listened very well and gave me excellent service. I would highly recommend FM Agency and their staff to anyone. Sincerely”

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Homeowners Insurance.

We are focused on helping you with your homeowners insurance needs. That means we understand the insurance companies we represent and don’t try to fit every customer into one company’s underwriting guidelines. You deserve more than 5 minutes on the phone when you are attempting to protect your most valuable asset, your home. 

And we do more than Homeowners insurance. We also offer annual auto insurance plans for preferred drivers, rental property insurance for real estate investors and umbrella protection for individuals that want to use insurance to protect their family and assets.


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Get the insurance protection you need for the value you want.

 We offer the coverage to protect your quality of life when a claim occurs.


When was the last time you had your insurance protection reviewed by an advisor?

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Discover why your neighbors pay less than you for the same coverage.

With our new coverage analysis protection plan, we can help you determine if your policy is still the most competitive in our area.


A better experience may be waiting for you.

And if for some reason we can’t offer a better experience,

you can cancel your policy at any time during the policy period.

You will receive the unused portion of your policy premium as a refund.


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